Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga trek

Journey of Lord Shiva and Natural Hot Water Pool: A visit to Lord Shiva’s Abode 

Kheerganga lies in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh at 3,500 m above ocean level. It is believed that Kartikeya, the child of Lord Shiva, has gone through 1,000 years pondering here. You will encounter an uncommon blend while you scrub down in the hot cascade on Kasol to Kheerganga journey, while the climate is chilled and snow-covered. 

Moreover, the travelers’ eyes are supported with astounding perspectives on mountains, cascades, mountain creatures just as oak and deodar trees. The path uncovers the absolute most entrancing spots like Rudra Nag Waterfall and Shiv Temple. 

A Serene Visit to Kheerganga 

Still it appears to be a fantasy to trip to the otherworldly Parvati Valley. It was a spot I needed to leave well enough alone, as I was unable to quit envisioning glorious valleys, mountain goats, lavish green mountains, and calm oak backwoods. 

My outing to Kheerganga began when I took my young sister in a taxi from Delhi’s Paharganj to Kasol. We at last arrived at Kasol following 12 hours of tedious excursion and 550 km. However, we liked to move to Tosh, the close by town, Kasol is quite possibly the most darling objections among young people. 

At the Sasi eatery, we had parathas from Aaloo and pushed ahead. We strolled across the open country and arrived at the delightful town of Tosh, yet we had no streets. 

We needed to have however much rest as could be expected right from the start. In the evening, in the close by Amsterdam coffeehouse, you could appreciate the nearby markets, neighborhood indulgences and espresso. With the nearby young ladies we played badminton, gave the young ladies chocolates and clicked a few photographs. Following a day’s persistent effort and smoke chills in Tosh, townspeople sit together. 

The excitement of the Kheerganga journey, encircled by lavish green trees, started following day in Barshaini. The streams Parvati and Tosh meet. They are likewise a conversion. At 10 a.m. we showed up at the headquarters. At Prem Cafe we had great breakfast. We strolled from that point through the delightful view and appreciated awesome nature sights. We a few wooden extensions, falls and towns while we were strolling. 

In our DSLR we both took some fantastic photographs. We showed up at Rudra Nag following two hours of moderate walk and halted for some time to see the excellence of nature. It is viewed as one of the primary attractions of traveler interest in Parvati valley. This snake-formed cascade. Here we met a neighborhood who disclosed to us that different towns, as Kalga, Pulga and Tulga, were additionally present. He said that an amazing evil spirit, Tadkasura, crushed Devas millennia prior. At that point the Devas visited Brahma, and he requested that Mahadevi acclaim them. It was Mahadevi who said to them that “I would rapidly resurrect and wed Lord Shiva and the relatives would be the demon”s rout. 

At that point for 3 hours we kept climbing. The street was a serious exhausting ascension. We followed the imprints set apart on trees. For in any event multiple times, my sister asked me a similar inquiry, “How long do we need to go in a day?” It is shocking that we abruptly met a sign saying, “Welcome to Kheerganga,” before she asked exactly the same thing again. 

Kheerganga’s green knoll stood straightforwardly before us. Nothing was to expect, we put away our packs in tents and went to the natural aquifers to have an invigorating plunge. The exhaustion of the excursion washed away. This pool had been split among people. 

We visited Kartikeya Cave later and offered Lord Kartikeya petitions. Superb climate, grand pleasant sights, green woods, amicable local people and remedial water from the natural aquifers made our excursion beneficial. We remained in Kheerganga for a night in our camp. 

We woke up to a delightful sight of the dawn next morning. We went down to Kasol on the very street that we took to get to Kheerganga in the wake of washing up again in the heavenly boiling water pool. It was a puzzling journey for me that brought a ton of rush and energy. 

Best Time to Visit 

From March to June or October to November one can visit Kheerganga trek from Kasol. The climate here is quiet lasting through the year. The climate is acceptable and the temperatures shift somewhere in the range of 15 and 22°C in summers, while in winter, the temperatures change somewhere in the range of 3 and 10°C.

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