7 Genius Nordstrom Shopping Hacks

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It is never too hard to find something you love at Nordstrom, most of the time you come back with things you didn’t even need to buy and this is how the famous fashion brand plays with great style, affordable price and a killer customer service. If you also suffer from the Nordstrom craze and not ready to give up picking items after items from the nordy rack then you must take few precautions.

As we all have agreed it is physically and emotionally impossible to stay away from the Nordstrom fashion rack whether it’s a sale or not. As much as this habit is harmful for your pocket you must not forget the nordy promos. Yes we are talking about the Nordstrom discount code which is a must have every time you go shopping, just have them lying on your side table you never know when you rush to buy some chic fashion. So here are some genius hacks, (after the ultimate coupon one), to help you shop at Nordstrom.

The Price Match Policy

To be the best for their customers, Nordstrom follows the price match policy. You can find a product on any other brand for a cheaper price and you can ask the nordy people to adjust the price. The brand allows you to have that. Any item that is on sale on other places, the Nordstrom has to allow the sale price too.

Price Adjustment

Another great deal is price adjustment. If you buy something at Nordstrom within 14 days of it going on sale, the store will gladly make a one-time change. To get the discount, bring the receipt to a store or dial their customer service number, and they’ll refund the difference. If you do your homework, you’ll still know you’re having the best deal.

The Not to Miss Annual Sales

You know the people who sit behind computers soon before the clock tick on 12 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Yeah be that. If you want good stuff at GOOD prices then you have to be one of those shopaholics. And the annual sales at Nordstrom are not to be missed. Do you even need to ask why?

Nordstrom’s sales are fairly consistent, taking place at the same time of year, so mark your calendars now. Aside from their Black Friday sale, you won’t want to miss the huge Anniversary Sale that happens every July and the Half-Yearly Sales that happen twice a year. Be aware that during these sales, things sell out fast, so it’s wise to shop early.

Fashion and Fashion Advice

Now we know why everyone loves Nordstrom. The brand not only sells fashion but gives you great fashion advice. If you like a fashion product but not sure how would it look on you or how to style then ask the Nordstrom on call experts. You have the option of chatting with a family, makeup, or wedding stylist, who will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. You should either have an appointment with a stylist in a shop near you or talk on the phone.

For an in-store visit, the stylist can choose pieces specifically for you based on your preferences and place them in a private changing room for you to put on. This service may seem to be ostentatious, but it is always free. It’s no surprise that Nordstrom is well-known for its outstanding customer support.

The Return Policy

If you shopped and didn’t return a product, did you even shop? Nordy understands the confusion that comes when there are so many beautiful choices to pick from. You can make the best of their return policy and not worry about a thing. Whether you have a minimum purchase evidence, the store is pleased to return your products for something better, like money or some other Nordstrom item. And cherry on the top, Nordstrom does not even have a timeline for the return policy.

Nordstrom Credit Card

Nordstrom redesigned the loyalty scheme this fall, launching the new “Nordy Club” and giving its existing card holders even more rewards and discounts. Being a cardholder not only entitles you to discounts, but it also grants you early access to purchases, makeup and style classes, and tailoring credits. For every dollar spent, cardholders win three points.

Gift Cards

Nordstrom gift cards are the best. They don’t expire they don’t have a limit, after all who wants to buy gifts under pressure. Beats the whole purpose of buying a gift, no? Nordstrom gift cards never expire or incur inactivity fees, so you’ll never lose out on an opportunity to use them. They’re still a nice present for any shopping procrastinators you meet.

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