The Most Important Questions If You’re Considering a Hybrid Workplace

The Most Important Questions If You’re Considering a Hybrid Workplace

Many companies are transitioning to a so-called hybrid workplace in recent months. With the growth of COVID-19, in some areas it’s become unsafe to work in-office, forcing many companies to transition completely or partially to working from home. Hybrid workplaces are a comfortable middle ground between working from home and working in-office. Here are a few questions to ask to determine if a hybrid workplace is right for your company.

1. How Many In-Person Employees Are Necessary for Your Business?

If a business requires many in-person employees, chances are that a hybrid workplace isn’t going to be a good fit for your company. However, if you’re regularly able to send some of your employees to work and keep some of them at home, you may be able to transition your company to a hybrid workplace much more easily.

2. What Public Health Issues Are Happening in Your Area?

Understanding more about public health concerns in your area can be a good way to decide how many people you want to keep at home. In areas that are dealing with more COVID-19 issues, it might be better to keep more people at home and let fewer come to the office. That way, you can make sure that your company is as safe as possible.

3. What Would Your Employees Prefer?

If your employees would overwhelmingly prefer to work in a specific way, it’s a good idea to try and help them do so. Forcing your employees to work a specific way when it’s not necessary for their health will likely cause them to work less efficiently, making your choice less effective regardless of how well you implement it.

4. How Is Your Company Prepared to Invest in the Workplace?

Your company will likely have to invest some money if you’re planning to transition to a hybrid workplace. You may need to invest in virtual collaboration tools or video conferencing software, making it easier for your employees to communicate with each other. If you don’t invest in anything, you’re unlikely to see success with those investments.

5. Is Your Company Experiencing Benefits From Hybrid Work?

You constantly need to reevaluate and think about how hybrid work is going for your company. While the vast majority of companies and employees do see benefits from hybrid work, it’s true that a small minority consider hybrid work to be unsuccessful. If you don’t see benefits from hybrid work, it may be a good idea to revisit the idea and think about whether you might be able to try something else for a bit.


In general, hybrid workplaces are a great way to increase efficacy of your workplace, especially during COVID-19. However, they’re not the perfect workplace for every environment. If you’re interested in transitioning to a hybrid workplace, these five questions are crucial. They’ll help you understand whether or not a hybrid workplace is right for you and your employees before you start the transitioning process.

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