The Triund Trek is a peaceful place

The Triund Trek is one of the most picturesque and quiet hiking trails of Himachal Pradesh, also one of Himachal’s favourites. This trek in the heart of the magnificent Dhauladhar ranges of Triund is ideal to both for first-time hikers as well as experienced walkers or adventurer and the amazing Kangra Valley on the one side.

Trek through the woods with rhododendrons and oaks, calm, sparkled wetlands and difficult turns with tea and treats for a restful break. There are rock-cut caves only for this trek after the end of the hike. Be conscious that the Triund Trek is very simple to do without a walking guide.

Triund Trek Best Time

May, June, September and October are the perfect months to enjoy the Triund Trek. During the night the mood stays mild and cool. Monsoons are also a fun time to stroll, but maybe in the evening you won’t camp, so rest at the Triund guesthouse. It’s cold season, but when you don’t feel cold, you should go for winters too. The walk is less occupied.

Where should I go?

You must first come to Dharamshala.

Flight: You can fly to Dharamshala from Delhi or fly from any city from which you come. 

Route: You can take a cab from Dharamshala and start your journey within 3 hours, instead of going to Dharamshala by bus from Delhi. At Dharamshala airport, trolleys are completely available. On request, the Delhi-Dharamshala self-drive taxi is available for all your stay.

Rail: The closest stop is Pathankot. Many Jammu trains are open. Or try Mumbai Jammu Tawi Express, if you come from Mumbai; reserve a Delhi-Pathankot Super Fast Express ticket. Take a bus or cab from Pathankot to about 2 or 3 hours’ drive from Dharamshala.

Path of Trekking

Mcleodganj is the base camp for a variety of trek operators. But a few kilometers up, Dharamkot is where the walk truly begins. You can fly to Dharamkot from Mcleodganj. From Dharamkot Trek to Bhagsu Nag. If you like, you can hire a guide here, but with the help of locals, you can easily explore the trail.

The initial track is clear and easy for the first five kilometers. But after a slow climb, 22 curves are located, which are very difficult but manageable, before reaching Triund. The path is open all around and some walkers are going to see who doesn’t miss out. You can meet Buddhist monks searching for consolation and helpful local people who run the stalls along the trail. On the trail are several temples. Shiva Temple is the most famous, with the gushing Bhagsu Waterfall as the highlight of the trek.

Journey back

Camp overnight in Triund on the same lane, a charmed town lined with bohemian cafés and balanced Israelis, back to Dharamkot. Return to Mcleodganj and go back to Delhi and take advantage of the many Dharamshala attractions.

Travel: If you book a regular bus to Dharamshala or book a Volvo bus you can pay for the routes from Delhi to Dharamshala. Dharamkot Cab Trip from the airport Dharamshala will take around Rs. 2000. When you book a car with a driver online, it will cost Rs. 10,000 for three days to drive.

Food: The expense of food was rs. 500 -1000 a day.

Hospitality: the rate is approx. Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 a day.

Packages for Triund Trek: Trek operators’ bill for the Triund Trek about 1500 rs (does not include transport charges or food charges).

Stay areas

Any walkers would prefer to nap overnight under the stars. If this does not suit you, your place to stay could be Triund Mountain Lodge, Moonlight Rooms or Forest Department Rest Home. You can stop and go to some cheap lodges in Dharamkot late in the night. There are a variety of hotels in Bhagsu, too. Budget hotels are billing you for about Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000, good service hotels paid from Rs. 2000 onwards.


There are so many restaurants and sweet little cafés in Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsu and Triund. The food is affordable and delicious. Cafés sell food from India, China, Israel and Tibet. They are open. They are open. Sunil Tea Store, Sun & Moon Cafe are close to the campground near the Gallu Devi Temple. The campground is open.

Value sites

Explore the cave at Lahesh on the Illaqa road (also known as the Snowline Trek) if you are not only glad to walk to Triund. Two kilometers uphill is the Laka glacier, from which the spectacular rock Lahesh cave is cut. Take a night stroll in the candy.

Moreover, you don’t have to search past Mcleodganj and Dharamshala after descending to tourist attractions. Watch the Buddhist monastic men engaged in craftwork and other art, see this quiet and unique Buddhist institute with charming garden gardens, only a few kilometers from Mcleodganj!

Complex of the Dalai Lama

He has a huge, peaceful building with a library, cafeteria, a museum and several monks from the budget. Visits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s political office.

Valley of Kangra

Only a few hours out from Dharamshala. Explore the breathtaking view over the valley of Kangra. There will be paragliding.

Lake Trek Kareri

This is another glorious walk 40 kilometers north of Dharamshala with spectacula sights and unforgettable tracks.

Tips on protection and transport

  • Carry a convenient backpack and sit on the trek hydrated.
  • Don’t be loud and litter.
  • If you don’t fly in winter, wear a thin jumper or scarf.
  • Give a Swiss power bank, a sunglasses and a swiss knife.
  • Wear good walking shoes and hold additional pairs of sneakers.
  • There will be lots of trail choices, don’t think about bringing food.
  • Bring an infection spray and spray to relieve discomfort.
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